Customer Testimonials

Solid experience. They were honest and good at communicating with me. They replaced my starter a while back and it's been good since. Lot less than the dealer quoted too. I went back to get my brakes done and asked them to look at my rotors and maybe replace them. They said I didn't need new rotors and just did pads and smoothed the rotors. They could have overcharged me but they didn't. Will use them in the future. I'd recommend them for sure

Tyler P

You’re always skeptical about being treated fairly at an auto shop but I will never take my car anywhere else. This place is excellent. And, they are less expensive. I’m glad to have found a place I can trust.

Michael W

The service is excellent; they have transparent pricing and great deals. They were very thorough as well, checking to make sure the fluids were good and that other mechanical parts were in good condition. Very easy to work with, highly recommend them!

Spencer M